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第三世多杰羌佛辦公室 第五十八號公告 (07/24/2020) – 為什麼佛陀沒有教很多佛弟子的佛法 第三世多杰羌佛辦公室公告 第三世多杰羌佛辦公室 第五十八號公告 (07/24/2020) – 為什麼佛陀沒有教很多佛弟子的佛法為什麼佛陀沒有教很多佛弟子的佛法 來信所提很好,你提出為什麼佛陀沒有教很多佛弟子的佛法,現正式答覆如下: […] 所有公告

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H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha Accepts World Peace Prize at Nation’s Capitol

His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III has come to this world! The World Peace Prize Ceremony is being held in the Gold Room of the Capitol of the United States today. The award presentation honors Top Honor Prize recipients H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and Hon. Benjamin A. Gilman; and Roving Ambassador for Peace will be awarded to the Civil Air Patrol. The ceremony is attended by members of Congress and international dignitaries (continuing reading …. )

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H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Arrives in the Mission – Master Wankoyee

Inside an old German Lutheran church in San Francisco, Chinese nuns sit on the glossy wooden floors, wearing headphones, listening to Buddhist mantras on portable CD players…. The Buddhist temple reflects the changing demographics of this working- class Latino neighborhood, and of the Bay Area.

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“Lifting the Pestle onto the Platform” Reported by Numerous News Media | H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

According to the teachings imparted by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, to learn from Buddha to cultivate oneself, one must practice in accordance with the Xiaman Most Excellent Oceanic Mind Essence and the Most Excellent Enlightenment State of Emptiness Oceanic Mind Essence; abstain from doing any bad deeds, do all kinds of good deeds, and benefit living beings. Only this is the proper undertaking. That is why His Holiness the Buddha did not agree that the Exam of Lifting the Pestle onto the Platform should be conducted.

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USA Today: Holy Guru Kaichu Jiaozun lifted a 200-pound Vajra Pestle

USA Today: Statement on a Pledge to Give an Award – Lifting the Pestle on the Platform

A Dharma Assembly for the “Lifting the Pestle onto the Platform” to assess realization power of Buddhist practitioners was held in the Grand Hall of Shakyamuni Buddha at the Holy Miracles Temple on February 9, 2020. We have personally attended the Dharma Assembly held for the exam, and also tried to lift the Supreme Holy Vajra Pestle. All the people there, including strongmen, took turn to show their physical power. Yet no one was able to lift the Supreme Holy Vajra Pestle at all.

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What Does The Coronavirus Outbreak Teach Us?

Sentient beings might not be created equal in physicality, but our souls are.  Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak, I’ve come across quite some disseminated posts and videos about the epidemics being animals’ revenge on humans.  It always broke my heart when I saw animals and insects getting abused and slaughtered.  Any living being that has the instinct of running away from danger has fear and they suffer like humans do when harmed.  I came across this moving debate about why animals should be off the table menu and can’t agree more with so many points that hit the nail on […]

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關於“第三世多杰羌佛”佛號的說明 >

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觀世音菩薩大悲心加持法會, 南無第三世多杰羌佛佛誕法會, 阿彌陀佛佛誕法會, 藥師如來佛誕法會, 更多法會, 請點擊

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南無第三世多杰羌佛說法學佛, 佛教正法中心


在恭讀《學佛》一書之前,首先讓大家了解一下 南無第三世多傑羌佛的來歷和我們出書的目的。南無第三世多傑羌佛是始祖報身佛多傑羌佛的真身降世,這不是自稱,也不是自封的,而是由西藏各大教派的領袖或攝政王、大活佛們一致公認行文認證的,如整個世界佛教化虹身大法掌教領袖、晉美彭措的上師多智欽大法王;阿秋大法王;貝諾大法王;吉美多吉大法王;楚西大法王;達龍哲珠大法王;公保都穆曲傑法王;夏瑪巴攝政王;唐東格博大聖德等佛教首腦們一致認證附議的,並經由金剛法曼擇決,定性了佛教首腦們的認證真實不虛:確定了南無第三世多傑羌佛是本初佛多傑羌佛的轉世真身!南無第三世多傑羌佛是自從有佛教史以來是唯一的一位獲得最多最高認證的獨一人,因此可想而知,南無第三世多傑羌佛的說法,自然成了佛法至高妙寶。南無第三世多傑羌佛的說法,契理契機,法理清晰透徹,深淺得宜,是最好的佛經,是最適合所有行人學習佛法、成就快捷的至高妙寶教法 (繼續閱讀 …. )

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