Yi Yungao, Wan Ko Yee, Dorje Chang Buddha III, Lau Pak Hun attest 劉百行 澄清是黃曉穗詐欺 不是義雲高大師

Yi Yungao (Dorje Chang Buddha III) : Shocking Truth Revealed 1 – The Real Culprits and Victims in the Fabricated Case Against Master Won Ko Yee

Highlights of the fabricated case against Master Yi Yungao (H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III) Doubtful points in the Yi Yungao case, aka Master Wan Ko Yee (H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III) Who actually committed the fraud? The culprits and the intention behind their wrongdoings Who were involved in the embezzlement and who was the actual victim? Who fabricated the baseless case against Master Yi Yungao? Why did the corrupt officials still manage to issue the baseless arrest warranty against Master Yi Yungao despite Hong Kong authorities’ prosecution against the culprits? What did INTERPOL and China’s government agencies find out about […]

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Dorje Chang Buddha, Buddha Man, Buddha Person, Yi Yungao, Wan Ko Yee, HH Dorje Chang Buddha, Lifting the Pestle onto the Platform, Kaichu Jiaozun, Lift the he Pestle onto the Platform 義雲高, 義雲高大師, 多杰羌佛, 第三世多杰羌佛, 旺扎上尊, 開出教尊, 金剛拿杵

Buddha Man Series: Pope of Buddhism HH Dorje Chang Buddha III Demonstrates The True Realization Power of Buddha Dharma

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Was Compelled and Could Not Decline How to differentiate the true Buddha Dharma vs fake ones How to test Buddhist cultivators’ level of realization? What is the exam of Lifting the Pestle onto the Platform? Criteria of the Lifting the Pestle onto the Platform What composes a holy person? How to prove someone is a holy guru or not? Who lifted the 420-pound Supreme Holy Vajra Pestle by one hand that no one in this world had ever been able to lift? What does the successful Lift of Supreme Holy Vajra Pestle signify? 88-year-old Kaichu Jiaozun‘s […]

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