USA Today: Holy Guru Kaichu Jiaozun lifted a 200-pound Vajra Pestle

USA Today: Statement on a Pledge to Give an Award – Lifting the Pestle on the Platform

Friday, March 27, 2020 

A Dharma Assembly for the "Lifting the Pestle onto the Platform" to assess realization power of Buddhist practitioners was held in the Grand Hall of Shakyamuni Buddha at the Holy Miracles Temples on February 9, 2020. We have personally attended the Dharma Assembly held for the exam, and also tried to lift the Supreme Holy Vajra Pestle. All the people there, including strongmen, took turn to show their physical power. Yet no one was able to lift the Supreme Holy Vajra Pestle at all.


To fulfill the criteria for “Lifting the Pestle onto the Platform,” one has to meet the standard of lifting his base weight, and then surpass that standard. One who surpasses his base weight standard by 10 levels, is a Grand Master of strength, World's Strongest Man for Lifting the Pestle onto the Platform. Throughout world history, the highest level that any national-level or world-class strongmen, Great Bodhisattvas, or Tremendously Great Holy Gurus in any countries have bene able to attain was 30 levels above their own base weight standard On that day, the Holy Gurus set up a difficult situation that unexpectedly involved His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III in the resolving of the conundrum. Due to such a karmic condition, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has set a world record after having lifted a 420-pound Vajra Pestle with one hand and held it for 13 seconds, surpassing His own base weight standard by 56 levels. It is simply impossible for any human beings or Holy Gurus to achieve that. That was a feat unprecedented in history. It clearly pointed to the fact that the intrinsic quality of His Holiness the Buddha is that of a true Buddha.


Yet H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said: “I am truly humbled. How could t be said that I have the power of the greatest enlightened Buddha? I am just an ordinary person. Although I did what I could to lift the Vajra Pestle, afterwards, my hand was sore, and my back was sore. This morning when I got up, I could hardly lift 100 catties (approximately 110 pounds). What does this say? I am simply an ordinary person just like everyone else. Many people can surpass their own standards by 56 levels.”


However, all of us are of the opinion that except for a true Buddha, no body else has such holy corporeity and holy physical power. No persons or Holy Gurus are able to surpass their base weight standards by 56 levels. We pledge that if anyone can lift a weight at the base standard correlating to his own age and body weight, and further surpass their own base standard by 56 levels to break the world record set by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, we will award US$20 million to such as person who can break such a record. People from all over the world, regardless of their gender, race, or religious faith, are welcome to participate, and all will be treated equally. Show your power to get this award. We will fulfill what we pledge and we are willing to undertake the legal liability!


All are welcome to come to the Holy Miracles Temple in California in the United States and, with sincere respect and piety, lift the Supreme Holy Vajra Pestle that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III lifted and held for 13 seconds. We wish that this will bring you magnificent blessings and auspiciousness.


Attention: WE have officially entrusted Dharma Master Zhengrui Shi of the Holy Miracles Temple in California, United States, as our entrusted representative in this matter to handle all the procedures regarding “Lifting the Pestle onto the Platform” If anyone can lift the Pestle at a weight surpassing the base weight standard correlating to his own age and body weight by 57 levels and hold it for 13 seconds to break the world record set by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, then we will execute our pledge and give out the award as per our statement above.

Dharma Master Zhengrui Shi's phone number: +1(626) 476-3547

Holy Miracles Temple

Address: 1730 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91103, U.S.A

Entrusted by: Yanping Jin, Leitat Tsui

USA Today: Statements on a Pledge to Give an Award


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